Meditate under the Chevy Tree

It is told that the Buddha attained enlightenment by meditating under the Bodhi tree.  Here I invite you to seek the mindful path of the Chevy Tree. What does it mean to be mindful?  The practice of mindfulness is the process of returning one’s attention to the present moment.  In this way, driving an old car […]

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Can nostalgia treat loneliness?

Vivid nostalgia is a fascinating experience.  It can emerge from a single sensory cue from the outside world, careening us to another previous personhood. Nostalgia is like a lot of the things that interest me.  It is difficult to define, but everyone seems to know what it is.  The common definition of nostalgia is an […]

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Your heart and brain, connected

Recently found this amazing Article, which demonstrates how our memory for words can change depending on how our heart is beating. This article is a fantastic piece on how seemingly impossible details in our physiology can impact cognition. Here’s how it works: your heart has a very well understood beating pattern, called the “QRS” complex: […]

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