Grateful OS

Let’s install your Gratitude Operating System

Gratitude is regarded as the mother of all virtues for a reason. In individuals, gratitude is associated with benefits ranging from improved social relationships to lower levels of inflammation, greater resilience and optimism, and even better sleep.

In companies, gratitude’s benefits are just as impressive. Gratitude is a buffer against burnout, turnover, and workplace animosity.

I created Grateful OS as a way to create systematic practices to build gratitude at every level and domain of an organization — your gratitude operating system.

Through Grateful OS, we do a deep dive into every element of your company leverage gratitude in company policy, strategy, and everyday operations. We have recommendation for policies for employee feedback and incentive structure, as well as hiring and promotion. We being gratitude into strategic elements involved in business development, sales, and marketing. Finally, gratitude can and should be a part of every meeting, email, event and minutiae of organizational culture.

Grateful OS exists to being gratitude into every nook and cranny of your organization. Grateful OS is a multi-day workshop involving people from every level of a company getting together to build with gratitude.

We are in beta mode and are onboarding new clients. For more information email: